Royal Decree-Law 4/2017 liberalizing port cargo systems fails to get approval from the Parliament

The majority of the Parliament voted against the Royal Decree and this renders the Royal Decree as invalid and without any legal standing.

Royal Decree-Law 4/2017 that modifies the regulation of port cargo handling

Royal Decree-Law 4/2017 of February 24, that modifies the regulation of workers that provide port cargo handling services and operations in order to comply with the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union of December 11th 2014, in case C-576/13 (infringement proceedings 2009/4052).

2017 Spain Country Report

The Spanish economy continues to enjoy a strong recovery and is moving towards a more balanced composition of growth than before the crisis. The recovery was initially led by exports, helped by a reversal of the cost-competitiveness losses accumulated in the pre-crisis years. It then gradually broadened to the domestic sector. Since 2015, high job creation, low oil prices and improving financing conditions have boosted consumer spending. Investment in equipment has also been growing strongly, while investment in construction has started to recover. The current-account balance maintains a surplus position. Although unemployment has been falling rapidly, it remains very high, and both poverty and income inequality are among the highest in the EU. Spain’s ambitious structural reforms in recent years laid the ground for the strong economic recovery, but favourable conditions also helped.

Panels of Experts on local and regional financing

The Government sets up two panels of experts in charge of examining and drafting a white paper on the system that regulates the financing of regional and local governments.

Panel of experts on the system for people with disabilities

The Government creates a panel of experts in charge of examining and drafting a white paper on the state of the public system that takes care of people with disabilities.

Royal Decree to implement the desindexation of public goods and services

The Royal Decree provides the required regulation so that Law 2/2015 enters into force.

2016 IMF Article IV Consultation with Spain

Spain's weak productivity performance has been linked to the dominance of many low productive small firms and inefficient allocation of resources.

Royal Decree-Law 1/2017 on urgent measures for consumer protection in relation to floor clauses

The government implemented some measures to protect consumers and ease the possibility that they reach agreements with financial institutions with which they have loans or mortgages.

Royal Decree 746/2016, that increases Social Security pensions

The Royal Decree 746/2016, of December 30, sets forth that pensions paid by the Social Security (both those that are perceived on a contributory basis as well as passive class pensions) shall be increased by 0.25 percent in 2017.

Royal Decree 742/2016 establishing the amount of the minimum wage for 2017

The RD 742/2016, of December 30, sets out the increase in the minimum salary of application for permanent and for temporary or seasonal workers, as well as for domestic workers, starting on January 1 last.
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Country Report Spain 2015

This Country Report assesses Spain's economy against the background of the Commission's Annual Growth Survey which recommends three main pillars for the EU's economic and social policy in 2015: investment, structural reforms, and fiscal...