Royal Decree-Law 4/2017 that modifies the regulation of port cargo handling

Source: Spanish Government
Type of item: Policy events
Date: 24/2/2017

Royal Decree-Law 4/2017 of February 24, that modifies the regulation of workers that provide port cargo handling services and operations in order to comply with the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union of December 11th  2014, in case C-576/13 (infringement proceedings 2009/4052). The government approved a RDL to liberalize the port cargo handling services following the judgment of the European Court of Justice of December 11th 2014, in case C-576/13. The new RDL 4/2017 eliminates the obligation for firms working in the port of: (1) participating in the capital of the company that manages port cargo services in Spain (Sociedad Anónima de Gestión de Estibadores Portuarios (SAGEP)), and (2) hiring employees form the SAGEP, that includes a minimum number of workers.

The RDL requires, however, the ratification or derogation of the Congress within the following 30 days. In the case the Congress ratifies it, the RDL will be processed as Law and will open chances to add some amendments by the Congress groups.