Measures to modify the regulation of port cargo handling

Source: Spanish Government
Type of item: Policy paper
Date: 12/5/2017

After the failure of the previous Royal Decree-Law 4/2017, February 24 2017, to get approval of the parliament the Government approved Royal Decree-Law 8/2017, of May 12, that passed lower-house approval on May 17th.

The RDL 8/2017 follows mainly the Royal Decree-Law 4/2017 with some changes:

  1. It is required to obtain a specific educational certificate to work handling goods in the port service
  2. The payments to the Social Security will not be exempt of increases in the temporary contracts. The payments to the social security that will apply will be the same as general contracts in other companies.
  3. Not only the Ministry of Public Works but also the Ministry of Labour will have competences on the regulations of subventions or tax expenditures in the sector.
  4. The Government will approve a Royal Decree-Law to apply the result of the arbitrage of March 30th, 2017 ending the three agents mediations between unions, companies, and government.